Over the last couple of years we've articulated a vision for KCN and set a course for a very productive and strong future.  But before we gain too much momentum we need to do some challenging self-examination.  Are our priorities in order?  Are we putting emphasis on where God desires emphasis?  Have we fallen into any cultural, institutional, or bureaucratic traps? Have we reconciled old wounds, addressed current friction?  What has been left undone that should have been taken care of before KCN takes off?  These are the honest (and difficult) questions we are asking at KCN as we approach 2014.

The entirety of a home literally "hangs" on the frame.  Without the proper frame, the house runs the risk of being proverbially blown over.  And nothing represents the building of a new home more than a framing hammer and nails (see picture).  What is the frame of the Body of Christ?  One of the first Christian church planters, Paul, has written a letter that conveys the framework necessary for a church that will stand the test of time and will effectively witnesses to a different Kingdom.  

Our theme for 2014 is "Building the Church".  At our North Kona Celebrations, we will preach through Ephesians for the entirety of the year.  Our prayer is that we will thoroughly discover what a faithful church frame is and how to build it.