Church Rhythm 

Life is very similar day-to-day. The repetition of going to work, eating, and sleeping, for example, is monotonous and repetitive. It is the same for institutions: day in and day out, the same things.  But at KCN we are convinced that the life of God's church should not be monotonous but rhythmic (a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound).   

What's the difference between monotony and rhythm?  

They are much the same, except rhythm is an intentional, mindful pattern.  As the Body of Christ, we are called to intentionally seek and save the lost (Luke 15), disciple the found (Matthew 28:16-20), and witness to the Lordship of Christ (Acts 1:8).  This is hardly monotonous.  This requires intentionality (and it's exciting!). 

So as a body of excited believers, we are turning the life of KCN into an intentional rhythm.   We have your typical weekly events, but we take it a step further and add daily, monthly and quarterly structure to our rhythm.  We have intentionally put this rhythm in place and trust God to use it to shape us into representatives of the Kingdom. 

Here are some examples:

Baptismal Celebrations

We understand that baptism is a public profession of faith. We also understand the importance of a public "initiation" into the life of the Body of Christ.  These are reasons for celebration, and they should be an intentional, expected part of the life of a church (a rhythm). KCN makes Baptismal Celebrations an every-4-month occasion, and it's a party!  Come celebrate with us as we celebrate the faithful response people make to John, Jesus, and Peter's call to repent and be baptized!

Membership Classes

We use the extra weekend every quarter to introduce new "players" to our "team". Membership is not magic; membership is, however, one way of explicitly committing to KCN.  When you become a member of KCN you become a missionary within our vision to seek, save, and bless the 95,000 people on the Kona Coast living without hope. This all begins with knowing what makes us unlike any other church.  Every fifth Sunday 

Prayer Gatherings

We are becoming a church that is characterized by our daily presence with God.  The whole Bible tells story after story of encounters with God that change lives.  We desire this change and are making the rhythm of entering into daily, weekly, and monthly presence with God a primary mark of who we are.  Every staff member is responsible for a prayer rhythm: facilitating a recurring, focused prayer ministry in the life of KCN. 

Spiritual Retreats

In the same way that many in scripture were called into the wilderness to hear a special word from God, we retreat to our "wilderness" in Kohala (Makapala Retreat Center) to hear a fresh word from God.  At KCN we offer these 36 hour spiritual retreats every 4 months. These two days in the wilderness are challenging yet energizing, contemplative and celebratory. You can expect to "come home" a new person.