FAQ: Discipleship Clutches

  1. Q: Clutch? That's a wierd word; what does it mean?  A: As a verb, to clutch is to grab ahold or sieze something.  Discipleship is the process of growth we embark on to "grab ahold" of the Kingdom of God (which is at hand, according to Jesus). But also, as a noun, a clutch is a group of eggs with one intention: to hatch and thrive.  In a Discipleship Clutch (DC), we share the same goal: we want to thrive in the abundant life.  We're all after that, and we all believe that our only chance is through a life of submission to the Lord Jesus Christ (discipleship!).  So we're grabbing ahold of the abundant life, not willing to live in past sin and proceed in mediocrity.  We desire the Kingdom together!
  2. Q: How long is a Discipleship Clutch? A: In terms of each gathering, a Clutch can take from 1-2 hours.  On average, a Clutch meeting is a bit less than 2 hours. In terms of the length of commitment required to participate in a Clutch, a disciple should expect about 12 months from start to finish.   A clutch will meet between 2 and 4 times each month, according to schedules and the leader's availability. 
  3. Q: Is a DC a Bible study? A: Not really.  Every gathering a Discipleship Clutch reads and learns from scripture; however, while a bible study is primarily for the purpose of gathering in an open group (anyone invited) to read and learn from scripture, a DC is a closed group (only the Clutch members are invited) that learns from BOTH the bible and the DC curriculum.
  4. Q: So is a DC like a small group or maybe a book study? A: Not really either of those.  A book study group will  study various books for enrichment.  A DC references christian literature but literature is not the focus.  Also, most small groups are intended to be a smaller setting where "outsiders" can be invited "in".  For DC's, inviting outsiders in is saved until participants have completed the DC and are ready to invite others into THEIR OWN Clutch.  
  5. Q: What are DC's "like"?  A:  A Clutch is like an apprenticeship.  Each Clutch participant is watching, learning, and participating in the life and faithfulness of the leader.  An apprentice does some book work, some hands-on experience, some reflection, but all the while is becoming more like the one they are "shadowing".  A DC is like that.  The Clutch is the environment where the participants get to be an apprentice to the leader.  
  6. Q: Why not just do a Bible study instead of a DC?  A: We love Bible studies, but KCN is called to witness to the whole Kona Coast about the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ, and we believe that their are examples of better ways to "instigate" broad-reaching change.  Jesus in one of those examples and probably a good place to start. He called 12 to follow him as disciples.  And the word for discipleship in the Greek means apprentice.  The original disciples apprenticed Jesus for 3 years while they were being transformed and trained. t KCN we're trying to following this model, offer "apprenticeships" in the form of DC's, and walk people through radical life change--transformation and training.  This requires more than a bible study (but the bible, of course, is used A LOT!).  
  7. Q: Do you have to be in a DC to be apart of other ministries?  A:  Absolutely not!  But we do feel that the best way to prepare to multiply more disciples (which happens to be our Great Commission) is to participate in an entire DC--one whole year.  
  8. Q: How do I get into a DC? A:  Simply go to the Mission Zones in the navigation bar at the top of the KCN website, click the one closest to where you live, and look for Clutches.  When you find it, read the short bios from leaders, which should include their next DC launch date, and send them a note.  They should get back to you promptly to plug you.
  9. If you have any more questions, feel free to email us at info@konacoastnaz.com.