FAQ: Missional Communities

  1. Q: What on earth is a Missional Community?  A:  Well, let's break down the name.  "Missional" is a theological term that refers to the Mission of God: to seek and to save the lost, to establish God's kingdom, and to redeem all of creation.  To be missional is to be an instrument of God in saving the world--on a mission with God.  Missional is not a strategy of ministry; it's the way of faithfully partnering with God, according to God's agenda in your neighborhood, city, state, etc. "Community" means something different to everyone.  Here, we use the term to designate relationships and group size.  At KCN, a community is a group of people (10-50) that regularly fellowship toward the end of mutual enrichment.  Think of an extended family gathering: that's what it means.  So... A Missional Community (MC) is an "extended family" (some people you know better, others not so well, but you're all family) that fellowships regularly and shares the same call to a clearly identified mission on the Kona Coast.  
  2. Q: Why not just call a Missional Community a church fellowship? A: Because a fellowship is a fellowship whether it has a mission or not.  A MC is identified buy how it partners with God to bless and redeem the coast.  A MC is intentionally other-serving while a fellowship is mostly self-serving.
  3. Q: Why is it necessary for MC's to have a clearly identified mission? A: Special interest groups gather for all kinds of reasons: running, surfing, animal welfare, vegan cooking, auto restoration.  KCN believes that God has a plan for our Kona Coast, and He calls us to partner with Him. Instead of gathering around arbitrary (random) interests (e.g. womens' hair styling club, running club, etc), we're called to gather around God's shared call on our lives to build the Kingdom.  So, just like a special interest group, MC's meet according to what people share in common.  But what they have in common is a Kingdom mission rather than just an interest (e.g. Elderly Yard Care MC, Elementary Tutoring MC, etc).
  4. Q: What do MC's look like?  A:  Every extended family is different; since MC's in many ways model the size and dynamic of an extended family, we expect every MC to look different.  But you can expect an MC to be the following: Comprised of 10-50 people that balance regular fellowship and regular fulfillment of its mission.  This could be accomplished monthly, bi-monthly, or tri-monthly, so long as it's regular.
  5. Q: How do I get involved in an MC?  A:  Simple.  Go to the Mission Zones in the navigation bar at the top of the KCN website, click the one closest to where you live, and look for Communities in the drop-down.  When you find it, read the short descriptions and send a note of interest.  Someone should get back with you quickly. And, viola!  You're in.  
  6. Q: Can I invite others to an MC?  A: Absolutely!  MC's have an ODP (open door policy).  All are welcome.  Even if the mission of the MC is not exactly where your passions lie, it's still fun to get involved in fellowship with others that are on a mission together. WARNING!  People on a mission are infectious.  You may fall in love with how they are impacting the Kona Coast and become passionate about what they are passionate about.  Who knows, perhaps you'll be inspired to start your own.
  7. Q: But none of the current MC's are of interest to me.  I have other passions.  How can I start one?  A: We love this question because it's a sign that God is ready to expand the ministry of His church on the Kona Coast.  It is very likely that you have a unique call and passion.  KCN wants to equip and empower you to gather people around you with that same passion and serve God's Kingdom.  The first step is to have a personal meeting with Pastor Ryan (ryan@konacoastnaz.com).  Send him an email to arrange that.  The second step is to be trained.  But let's explore this call of yours over coffee.  Connect with Pastor.
  8. If you have any other questions, please email us at info@konacoastnaz.com.