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Missionary-Pastors, KCN North Kona & Central Kona

Eric, Joy, and Justice are committed to rooting their lives in a community over an extended period of time.  In doing so, they can witness to the transforming love of God and God's redemption through everyday activities and through deep relationships. 

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Missionaries are those called to vocationally respond to the Great Commission, making the Gospel contextually relevant and meaningful.  Pastors are called to shepherd believers, share life in fellowship with a flock and guide them through growth in the Spirit.  KCN is taking advantage of both vocations by calling and placing missionary-pastors in each mission zone to reach the lost and heal the hurting.  

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The MF will organize a network of people devoted to food sustainability, health, and discipleship in various neighborhoods. The MF must be well versed in various forms of gardening and agriculture, able to learn and cultivate native food varieties, confident in teaching local gardening/farming for reproduction practices, contextualizing the Gospel in relevant ways, and guiding others through growth in the Spirit. The MF will use food growing, food and health literacy, meal prep, and diet and nutrition as vehicles to develop community and discipleship opportunities.  

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