Meet Us - Kohala


Missionaries are those called to vocationally respond to the Great Commission, making the Gospel contextually relevant and meaningful.  Pastors are called to shepherd believers, share life in fellowship with a flock and guide them through growth in the Spirit.  KCN is taking advantage of both vocations by calling and placing missionary-pastors in each mission zone to reach the lost and heal the hurting.  

Further, the Church of Jesus has always witnessed to the Good News through responding to and offering solution for acute social problems. By having missionary-pastors “on the ground” in each mission zone, KCN has the means to know the unique challenges of living in local communities while already having strategic personnel to begin change-making.  Local missionary-pastors are “first-responders” for KCN to compassionately reach across the Kona Coast.

KCN is currently seeking a missionary-pastor or a missionary-pastoring family for Kohala.  Please be in prayer with us to find leaders ready for this challenge.  You can meet the staff in Kailua-Kona here