Our Motto:

Revival in this Land

Throughout the whole Bible, God pursues people to revive and heal covenantal relationship.  There is no part of life outside the scope of God's love and redemption.  God is a God of revival!

From our perspective, revival always begins with a burden for sin and humility to accept grace.  While revival is the desire of God, it is also the responsibility of God's people.  God’s desire is not that we would “receive” a revival in the future, but instead, that we would turn back to faithfulness and be revived today.

Fundamental to revival, then, is a hunger for God to change us today! The urgency of revival is in our church's DNA, as our denomination was birthed out of the Holiness Revival over 100 years ago. This very hour we still hunger for intimacy with God and are burdened by our unfaithfulness. 

With David, as he writes in Psalm 129, we hunger and thirst for God to pour out the Spirit on our lives, reviving and renewing our passion for faithfulness.  This is our motivation.  This is our drive.  This is our craving for the whole Big Island of Hawaii.  Revival in this Land!  This is our motto.