It's been some time since I've shared from my heart on the life of KCN.  August was a month of Sabbath for me and my family.  We took ONE WHOLE MONTH to rest in the mountains of Idaho. What a wonderful time we had away.  

While August served as a time of rest, September was nothing less than a sprint.  We welcomed our first Missionary-Pastor family--Eric, Joy (expecting in Feb), and Justice (20 mo.)--to Hawaii, and have been busy getting them adjusted.  

It's now October, and we're back on track.  I look forward getting to you regular Pastor's Perspectives.   

A burden on my heart is begging to get out, and I hope it "speaks" to you as it has been "speaking" to me.  It happens to be our Fifth Core Value of Kona Coast Naz, but more fundamental than that, I believe it's the very "heartbeat" of God.  To say the least, I believe it's a BIG DEAL!

Let's take a look at three scriptures that tell the story of severe sin, for which God responds severely. 

In the Garden of Eden:  

  • The result of sin was a broken relationship with God the Creator (Gen 3:8)
  • God's response was to cast Adam and Eve out of the Garden. (Gen 3:24)

The Flood:

  • Every thought of humanity was evil, which caused God pain (Gen 6:5-6)
  • God's response was to "start over" (Gen 6:17)

Tower of Babel:

  • Humanity was busy with self-promotion, making a name for themselves (Gen 11:4) 
  • God responded by confusing and scattering humanity (Gen 11:8-9)

SEPARATION, FLOOD, CONFUSION are the effects sin.  If we look closely at these narratives, God is not so much "getting even" for the sins of humanity; instead, God is giving a second, and third, and fourth chance to be faithful--to live the way God designed. In each instance, humanity is sent away with very few things, BUT all the necessary things for faithfulness.  

Regrettably, we continue to fail for the rest of the Old Testament.  It's not until the victory of the cross and the resurrection that we see the plot-of-creation make a dramatic and difinitive turn toward redemption.  In other words, when we read Acts, we see the story riddled with failures turn to a story riddled with success.  

In Acts 2:1,5 we see UNITY instead of SEPARATION.  

In Acts 2:3 we see FIRE instead of a FLOOD.  


The effects of sin appear to be reversed!

What does this all mean? It's not until Acts (the Spirit-empowered spread of the Gospel) that we see the permanent reversal of many years of sin's consequence.  In Acts we see God's Kingdom gaining ground; God's church expansion pushing frontiers; God's people evangelizing with holy passion. IN ACTS WE SEE A GENUINE REVIVAL!

This is the heartbeat of God who desires our hearts to be healed. Where there is sin God wants to heal. Where there is the consequence of sin, God wants to bring REVIVAL.  

God is a God of REVIVAL.  We ought to desire the same, crave the same, be the same. 

This is why it's our CORE VALUE #5: WE ARE A REVIVAL PEOPLE

In service together,

P.S. Don't forget to sign up for our KCN Prayer Team.  We're shooting for a prayer force of 700!  AND this is a helpful bit for those of you interested in know what's"behind the veil".