Behind KCN's Veil

So I’ve said many times that Pastor’s Perspective is not simply a newsletter; instead, it’s a behind-the-scenes look at the ministry and mission of Kona Coast Naz.  It's supposed to serve as a glimpse of what’s happening…but in a special way.  I hope that as you have read these Pastor's Perspectives you sense a genuine candid nature to them.  Over the years, I’ve shared everything from a theological rational for our vision to biblical grounding missionaries being on staff at a local church to further reflections on sermon content.  

In the spirit of sharing what’s “behind the veil” of Kona Coast Naz’s mission to the Big Island, the next 10 Pastor’s Perspectives will be a concerted effort to explain WHO we have in place currently to help us move forward in fulfilling our mission (i.e. staff profiles and stories!), WHAT we have in place for an organizational structure (note: it’s not like any other church I’ve seen before!), and HOW our team is being equipped to minister effectively (alert: It's “programming” but in a way that is sure to surprise you!).

Here is what you can expect moving forward from my Perspective (over many months):


  1.      Missional Living: Eric & Joy Paul Ohana I will share the journey I have seen the Pauls take in getting to the Big Island.  Their story is one of intentional searching and a radical calling. Their gifts and convictions uniquely equip them to thrive on staff at Kona Coast Naz, and we see this in the work they’ve accomplished already in the first year with us.  I’m excited to tell of some of their success.  
  2.      Planting with Purpose: Tony and Colleen Mason Ohana The Masons have been called to be part of Mission: Kona Coast for years.  Actually, they were called before there was such a thing as M:KC!  I look forward to sharing with you their creative model of church planting. Their plan to reach Waimea and their commitment to seeing men and women holistically thrive will excite you.
  3.      The Melody of LIFE: Polima Lopez - I can’t wait to share how Polima’s role on our team and her story of coming back to the Lord is truly a melodious song of grace.  Polima is a powerful tool for God’s glory on this island, and I anticipate after sharing a bit of her “profile”, you will agree. 


  1.      An Upside-Down Church: Flipping Over the Organization - The Kingdom of God is upside-down—leaders serve, the first shall be last, the humble and meek and mourners are rich and blessed.  When we surveyed the way churches are organized institutionally, we noticed that it didn’t stack up with our convictions about the Kingdom of God.  Well, we’re working to solve that, and I will try to explain that succinctly and clearly.  
  2.      An Inside-Out Church: Allocation Reconsidered - The primary purpose of any institution is self-preservation.  We believe that this promotes a spirit of fear and anxiety.  And we believe the scriptures call us to be a unique “institution”, managing and allocating our resources in a radically different way than the world.  I will explain how we are handling our resources uniquely and thereby investing in a different kind of future for our church and community.
  3.      A Banyan Tree Church: A Different Kind of Growth Good leadership is always looking forward, planning and strategizing for growth.  Biblical leadership is also forward-looking but with “Kingdom Eyes”.  I will share how looking forward in this way demands that we plan for a different kind of growth and therefore a different model of expansion.   


  1.      Discipleship: Training Through “Clutches” I look forward to explaining how we have created a discipleship culture at KCN.  Our Discipleship Clutches are the “vehicle” by which we have and will continue to accomplish this.  While Discipleship is the primary call on the church, it is also, I believe, the single most difficult task.  This will be your chance to see how we are facing that difficult task.
  2.      Making a Difference: Missional “Communities” What is the best way to mobilize God’s people for change? I hope I can convince you that it's by organizing and equipping the church through missional communities—the way we are moving forward at KCN.  That may be an unfamiliar term/concept, but I think after explaining the brilliance of this type of community you will want to sign up. 
  3.     Telling a Different Story: Worship “Celebrations” - In a time of negativity and despair, this dark world needs glimmers of hope more than anything else.  The world tells a pessimistic story of doom and gloom; KCN tells the story of resurrection and new LIFE.  Our corporate worship time is when we tell a different story than the world tells because we testify to a different truth.  These celebrations are where we can tell and retell, celebrate, and praise God for the grace that moves through this land.


  1.      Heavenly Dreams: Using Kingdom Imagination - In the last and final Pastor's Perspective of this "series", I will bring all that I have shared in the previous nine together. It will be an opportunity to transparently dream about how God might use KCN to usher in a revival. What might it look like?  When will each part unfold?  What things will change if righteousness truly is perpetuated in this land?  We'll dream Kingdom-size dreams.  

You’ll be hearing from me soon! 

On mission with you, 

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