First Week

We've moved in, hung a few pictures on the wall, and purchased a few things that didn't make the move with us (garbage can, toaster, blender, etc.).  We're feeling as settled as we expect to feel.  We know we are living in a transitional space, and driving a borrowed car.  While those realities are with us daily, we are trying to not be anxious.  We are blessed with everything we need right where we are.  And Justice has friends just a few steps outside our door.  Oh, how she loves having playmates!


Those we have spoken with are seeking, "updates, updates, updates!"  So here's what we can share. 

  1. Our little family is trying to form new rhythms.  We have been shopping an unbelievable amount of times; trying to find the best and most cost effective way to grocery shop, as well as picking up necessities that didn't make the move with us.  Every day brings about new things that we forgot about. We try to make these trips in the mornings, while we focus our day/time around acclimating Justice well.  This has been extremely important to us, as we know our little girl has been through significant transitions these past few months.  We are grateful to say, she is doing quite well.  Sleep patterns have returned, independent play time has returned, and our little J-bird is growing right up!  Her sentences are astounding, and her creative play has really taken a leap this week.
  2. We are meeting people.  The church hosted a potluck in our honor.  We had ample time to socialize and begin forming relationships with the people we will worship with on a regular basis.  Over the weekend, we attended a prayer meeting with a few families who are trying their best to be intentional about discipling their children.  And one day last week, I attended a movie and discussion called "The Guerrilla Midwife." I was able to meet fellow pregnant mamas, a few midwives, and potential friends.
  3. Eric had his first interview a few days ago at a local coffee shop.  We are prayerfully considering our employment options, and hopeful to integrate these schedules as well.  I am anxious to get out of the house a few days a week, and I hope to volunteer at a local elementary school as soon as Eric has a work schedule!

The people we are meeting are grateful we are here.  We have been received warmly from the church community.  However, right after the "We're so glad you're here..." pronouncement comes the second sentence.  Folks seem genuinely interested in letting us know the work we are doing will not be easy.  Already in our first week we've heard about brokenness, hurt, neglect, abuse... the struggles of the community.  And from what we gather, the hurt is deep. 

Looking forward, we would be honored if you would join us in praying for our family.  Pray for us to continue to develop healthy habits, for it is only out of our health that we can effectively minister to others. Pray for employment that will be an eye into the community.  Pray for maternal care during the rest of our pregnancy and birth.  We have just begun calling and meeting midwives!