General Update

  • We bought a car! 
  • Eric continues to interview for a job.  The next phase is Monday - prayers appreciated. 

  • I am in the process of becoming a volunteer at a local elementary school that's within walking distance of our home. It turns out I need to fill out a few applications, have an interview, and a TB test. I hope to have all of that completed this next week. 
  • I have been in contact with two different playgroups/moms groups. One is a playgroup that meets weekly and the other is a moms group that meets monthly. I plan to attend both of these groups this week :) 
  • Eric is busy meeting with church members, local pastors, community members, and community groups. Right now, our role is to observe, learn, and know the community and context of our new place. He is also plugging into our local church, attending staff meetings, prayer groups, and spending time with Pastor Ryan to better acclimate to a new congregation.
  • We are feeling settled in our transitional space. Actually, we feel so settled that we're not looking for another house yet. We want to have outside employment lined up before we move, and we also want to spend time getting to know the various neighborhoods before we commit to a location. 
  • The details of our move have taken up more time than we anticipated. We had some damaged furniture in the move, and Eric has spent time almost every day for the past 10 days or so dealing with the insurance claim. And while opening a new credit union account was easy, transferring funds from our bank in Tennessee has not been quite so easy.  Right now we are trying to make sure we have all of our bases covered as far as automatic withdraws for student loans, health care ministry, etc. 
  • We met our fundraising goal!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us along this journey. Any additional funds (not yet pledged) will go first towards a midwife, and second towards year two of our ministry in Hawaii. 

  • We have gone to a beach one day each week that we have been here. Justice loves the "sandbox!"