Justice Turns Two!

It seems to us that Justice became a toddler pretty quickly.  Since we've moved to Hawaii, Justice's vocabulary has expanded ten fold, her movements are more steady and pronounced, and her independent self-will has emerged in full force.  Her rapid development has left us bewildered, frustrated, and laughing all at the same time.  She is testing her boundaries and yet still wanting to be close to mama and daddy.  She is at times disobedient, but wants to cuddle after being sent away to "get happy."  She laughs often and cries occasionally.  She bumps her head everyday and skins her knee almost as often.  She wants to kiss all of daddy's scrapes and bruises and wants to listen to the baby growing inside mama.  She is filled with wonder at the small things and has reached a new level of imaginative play.  In short, she's now a two year old.

And we couldn't feel more blessed!  Justice has brought us such joy.  There are times when I think that I couldn't possibly have more love to give to another child, because Justice has stolen it all.  I love the way she declares to the world every morning from her crib, "I'm Awake!"  I love that books are still a favorite thing.  I love the way her eyes get big when she gets to take a big kid shower.  I love those moments right before bed when she sits next to me for story time.  I love those quiet nights when she's sleeping peacefully (don't all parents?).  I love the way she tries to mimic the way I walk, the words I say, or the faces I make.  I love the little quarks that are hers: walking to the bathroom to cough, the strut of a walk that belongs uniquely to her, and how she won't sleep unless we sing the Happy Song.  I love that she kisses both my cheeks before bedtime.  She has grown so much in two years, and we are grateful parents.  We are proud, overwhelmed at times, and filled with love.