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Celebrating Eric

Last week was Eric's birthday, and we had a fun few days celebrating!  Eric got snorkel gear for his birthday, so we borrowed a second set and the two of us went snorkeling.  We weren't out long, but we had a great time together, snorkeled at a fabulous location (Honaunau Bay, "Two Step"), and Justice enjoyed playing with a friend while we were away.  So thankful for generous friends!

On Eric's actual birthday we had dinner with the Fasani's, and they surprised Eric with a birthday pumpkin, poster, and homemade ice cream! Good friends, good food, good times.

And the next day, Eric and I turned our regular date-night into a birthday celebration dinner, again thoroughly enjoying our time with just the two of us.

We are grateful for the friends we have made and the love they have showed us, making this a special birthday for all.  I took some time to reflect with Eric on the past year of life.  We've certainly had some adventures and I never would have imagined a year ago we'd be celebrating life in Hawaii.  But I'm so glad we are.  Here's to another year of adventure, fun, deeper love, stronger trust, and following God's guidance in our lives.  Oh, and probably a lot less sleep...

A Week in Pictures

The Sewing Itch

Eric's been on Oahu this week for church meetings, which has left me with time of solitude. I visited this fabric store out of necessity, looking for a Halloween costume for Justice.

Then I tried really hard to stay awake during nap times the past 3 days and it paid off!

It's been several months since I've sewn, and apparently it's going to take me a while to learn again.  I started with a frustrating tension problem with the pumpkin costume, and ended up just going to bed for the night.  The next day I figured that out, and the pumpkin was pretty simple.

Then we took a trip to Goodwill for some t-shirts I could re-fashion into skirts.  I was so excited to have a few more comfy skirts during this last trimester of pregnancy that I started with my own.  Admittedly, I was kind of "winging it" based on an idea I saw online.  Well, it didn't work.  Actually, it worked, but was way too small for this growing body.  Oops.

So I went on to Justice's, figuring I couldn't go wrong, and it turned out great.  I have a few more t-shirts in the sewing pile, so I'm sure it won't be long until Justice has a few more.  And when I regain some confidence, I'll try another for myself as well.  For today, I'm just grateful I only spent $0.99 on that goodwill shirt!

A Week in Pictures