Eric and Joy Paul

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The Paul's are committed to rooting their lives in a community over an extended period of time.  In doing so, they can witness to the transforming love of God and God's redemption through everyday activities and through deep relationships.  If there is a family that has the vision and skillset to assimilate cross-culturally, offer the Gospel contextually, bless people naturally, and invest in the development of a community they call home, it's Eric and Joy.  Kona Coast Naz is blessed to consider the Pauls on the KCN Team.  Here's a snapshot of their heart:

We are to be ambassadors of Christ’s life for the world, embodying the hope of the resurrection in all the dark places where death resides.  This is the grand Mission of the Church.  In this way, we are deeply called to missions.  We understand that God perpetually sends God’s people into the world to inhabit local places where God’s love will become visible.  

Please be in prayer for the Pauls and their Mission Zones (North and Central Kona).  We know that Eric and Joy are committed to equipping local leaders, and we're excited to see who God brings to them from these communities.  With the passion and conviction they bring to the Mission: Kona Coast team, we are sure to be more effective in blessing the Big Island.  

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15 Questions for Eric

  1. Spending the rest of my life with: Joy (of course!)
  2. Keiki: Justice (3), Micah (1).
  3. Biggest influences on your beliefs: John Howard Yoder, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, My Parents, Thomas Bridges (friend from College), Wendell Berry, and Pastor Ryan Fasani
  4. Favorite way to spend Sunday afternoon: Coffee, a book, and football
  5. Dream for Kona Coast: A movement of disciples steadily transforming the Coast to look a little bit more like the Kingdom of God.
  6. Favorite Food: BBQ Pizza
  7. Tune in your ear: The Avett Brothers
  8. Surf, swim, or dive?: Surf, then dive, and end with a little swimming
  9. Shave ice or ice cream: Jeni's Brambleberry Crisp Ice Cream
  10. Favorite movie and why: "Children of Men," A movie I watch each Advent to prepare once again for God to do something new.
  11. What no one knows about me: I took 4 weeks of ballet when I was 10 because the girl I liked asked me to.
  12. Most exciting thing about being on the KCN Team: Openness to innovate and be creative. 
  13. Covering my feet: Slippas for sure. 
  14. All-time greatest sports highlight: Beating Pastor Ryan in ping-pong.
  15. Khakis, boardshorts, or hybrids: Hybrids, gotta be ready at all times.