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Polima Samoa Lopez - Minister of Worship

Polima gives our team energy, laughs, a worshipful spirit, perspective, a heart for corporate worship, and a hope for what's possible through the power of the Spirit.  She hails from Oahu, has called Miloli'i home, but now resides in Kailua-Kona.  Her true citzenship, is in the Kingdom.  Here's a bit from her perspective:

As a child growing up in the Samoan Churches, I admired seeing Worship Leaders... At the age of 15, seeing the way they led worship so freely and naturally... I wanted to be like that.

[Even when I left God's will], I was hearing God asking me, what are you doing? Lima, c’mon, we got work to do! I couldn’t make sense of what God was doing... I felt like a disappointment and I let Him down so many times. There was no way God would use me after committing so much sin. I had way more sin on my resume than the credentials to [lead] worship... I was hurt, lost, angry and ashamed.

It’s been about 20 months now since April of 2012 that I have accepted the call. I understand why God called me and is continuing to call me... [Leading worship] is what I feel in my heart I must do as a part of God’s Kingdom. My heart’s desire to worship God freely in truth, love, peace, and in celebration of what God is or can do.  What He did for me is way more real than I’ve ever experienced before...

Now that I have become the Minister of Worship here at KCN I feel as if there’s no limit to what God can call anyone  to do.

15 Questions for Polima

  1. Husband: Happily married to Darrell Jr. Lopez for 8 years. 
  2. Keiki: 5 Keiki: 3 girls, 2 boys (from less than a year to 15 years old). 
  3. Biggest Impact on Your Beliefs:  King David, Peter the Apostle, Pastor Ryan & Bohdana. Last but not least, my parents Vaopele & Ilaisa. 
  4. Ideal Sunday Afternoon: Having lunch potluck with families, taking a long nap, then waking up to banana split hot fudge sundaes.
  5. Dream for Kona Coast: I dream that one day somewhere along the Kona Coast there will be a water park. AND People will desire to want more of God and to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior. Hearts will be broken to seek out for the lost & broken hearted lifting up one another being in fellowship. 
  6. Favorite Grinds: Fettuccine alfredo is deftinately my fave!
  7. On my Mp3 player right now: "If My People Pray" by Avalon.
  8. Favorite Thing to Do at the Beach: I'm not much of a surfer, but I love to watch my husband ripping those waves. I don't swim much, which would mean I don't dive much either. 
  9. Shaved Ice or Ice Cream: Chocolate ice cream with oreo cookies on mind... 
  10. Favorite Movie and Why: The animated movie The Lion King is straight on top for me. I love every song on there & I can say most of the lines for each character on point. It's about fulfilling your purpose in life no matter who or what you will face.
  11. Unknown fact about you: I wanted to become an MMA fighter when I was younger.
  12. Most exciting thing about being apart of KCN: I am overwhelmingly blessed to surrounded by Jesus freaks who speak of LIFE every way possible.
  13. On my feat: Slippahz (flip-flops to all you mainlanders)
  14. Greatest sports moment of all time: GSP beats BJ Penn in a rematch battle of '09
  15. You can find me sporting my favorite: Khakis