Story of our Site

Like many churches with a website, KCN makes it simple to connect via social media from our homepage; like many churches, our name is easily visible.  But unlike other churches, is not a billboard of events, a collage of enticing images, banners, and icons. What you will find here is not "attractional".  It's not even an attempt to put "our best foot forward" to build our church "brand". This website is something different. It's an invitation.  It's an invitation to engage what is a radically different way of understanding church ministry. This is why we don't begin with programs and events but with places, not graphics but geography.  

KCN desires one thing: revival in this land.  If that is indeed the call upon our church, KCN should arrange every resource to that end. We cannot decide anything, organize anything, or communicate anything without first asking if it encourages revival in this land. It is our conviction that "church-as-program-coordinator" must be left behind for "church-as-revival-instigator"--focusing on the broad impact and deep personal change that is characteristic of revivals.  

KCN as a church with broad impact: Broad for us (not God) is half the Island.  Broad means the 96,000 people that are lost and hurting on the Kona Coast.  But broad also means reaching many diverse people in many diverse communities.  We must offer "life abundant" in a way that is sensitive to the diversity, rather than ignores it. Broad impact necessitates being experts on how each neighborhood and community is uniquely different. This is why you enter by way of a list of communities--because revival has a broad impact in this diverse land!

KCN as a church facilitating deep personal growth: Jesus spent three years training his disciples because deep personal change is a significant undertaking.  For KCN to be agents of deep change we must also commit to the long process of discipling (that begins with restoration in Jesus). This is an essential part of revival. This is who we are. This is reflected on  When you enter a community from the homepage, you have entered the "story" of how KCN is affecting deep personal change through discipleship there.   

By simply being on this page you have taken one step closer to seeing with new eyes how God intends to revive our island--to give life to this place.  Life is everywhere here (which is why it's green!).  There is no propaganda.  There isn't even enticing, easy-to-find dates and names. is not an advertisement for our church; it's our best effort at honestly and accurately telling God's story of redemption and revival on the Kona Coast.   

E Komo Mai (Welcome)