What Will You Do There?

This is one of our FAQs: “So what will you DO in Hawaii?”

It reminds me of that question that stay-at-home moms are asked by well-meaning people “What do you DO all day?”  My answer, concerning our new life in Hawaii is: Many of the same things YOU do and perhaps a few things that differ from person to person. Laundry, playdates, grocery shop, cook, clean, get together with friends, go to church, go to Mops, teach Bradley class, go to La Leche League…the list goes on. Most things remain the same, no matter where we live. (Throw a few beach trips or hiking adventures in there of course.) The biggest difference may be simply in one’s perspective. God has called us to a specific place to do a specific work…to Waimea to build His kingdom with Mission:Kona Coast. We believe God called us to Clifton in 2009. Were we doing kingdom work here? Absolutely. But now we are pulling up our tent stakes to follow the Holy Spirit to a new land. A place where we will rent a home, buy groceries at Costco, attend church, enjoy meals with friends, and live in a community. We will live with a missional mindset and intentionally build relationships with people in Waimea Town. We plan to do what families do in Waimea…hike, attend the Sunday rodeo, take the girls to dance class, get involved in community theater or join a running club. But in everything we do, we hope to “invite people to the heart of God.” It now reads next to our names “Missionary Pastors” but we were missionaries before KCN hired us. And YOU, as a believer and as Christ’s disciple are also a missionary of His gospel. So the answer to “What will you DO in Hawaii?” is really whatever God asks us to do when we wake up every morning. And I say what a way to live!