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Unless The Lord [Sells] the House

Lots of updates to share…

The big news is that we received an offer on our home a few weeks ago! We negotiated for almost a week and we thought it would end in disappointment because the offer was still too low to break even on our loan and cover all the costs. A woman from our church (a family I’ve known for a long time) asked on facebook how things were with the house and I said “sadly we walked away from the deal last night. Back to the drawing board.” She asked what the dollar difference was so I told her the amount we needed to break even. She said “Ok! Call the realtor. We’d like to make up the difference.” WHAT?! I was shocked and tears began streaming down my face. We knew God would sell our house so we could do what He was asking us to do but after receiving the initial,  (insultingly) low offer we just couldn’t see how He was going to make it happen. We prayed that He would do a miracle and apparently, this was how He chose to do it. I called Tony (he was at work) and we prayed for a bit. He called me back and said “I think we should accept.” I agreed and I told my friend “Ok. Thank you!” She shared with me that God had put it on their hearts to give and she felt very clear about that exact amount. How amazing. And what an amazingly creative God to think up such a scenario to prove He is in control and remind us once again that He is FOR us.

But wait…there’s more.

Next on the list was “find a place to live until we leave for Hawaii.” A pastor at our church recommended the missionary house (didn’t even know we had one) and we soon found out it was booked until July. Then, we called Olivet and sure enough, they informed us that they have an apartment available for us to rent while we are in transition. Why are we always surprised when God comes  through? He always does. We move out of our home and into the apartment on November 16th.

One more thing…

After our inspection we were notified that we had high radon. (In the words of Pastor Ryan “Ah radon! I hate radon!”) and that it requires mitigation. This process costs $1000. We wondered how in the world we would come up with that money. Tony joked “we’re going to have to make $1000 at our garage sale!” Yeah, right. Our garage sale was scheduled for November 2nd, along with our next door neighbor who recently sold her home. So, the night before we cleared out the basement and filled the garage with everything we needed to sell. The morning of the sale we put everything out on the lawn and hoped for the best. During the hours of our sale (8-12) it was a constant flow of people. Where were these people coming from!? (Answer: God sent them.) Some friends and neighbors but mostly passers-by. It was pleasantly surprising how well the sale was going! At the end of the sale, we counted up our cash. Can you guess how much we made? That’s right. $1000 God had done it again. We now had the money to fix the radon “problem.” We had the radon mitigated this past Saturday…thanks to the Great Provider.

We are in the midst all of the other details that come along with selling your home but GOD IS FAITHFUL. Our closing date is November 22nd and we are ready for that day to be over. We are also hoping to schedule some church visits to share our story and raise support. We will trust God with daily details and continue to purge and pack and enjoy our last days in a home that we have loved. We will continue to say “yes” to the little things. For one cannot say “no” and “Lord” in the same sentence.

Thanks to College Church for producing it and helping us tell our story…for it’s God’s story.


The Masons

If I Had a Dollar

If I had a dollar for each time we have heard “Hawaii? Sounds hard” or “Ohhhhhh, sure God’s calling you THERE”  we wouldn’t need to raise support. But we do…have to raise support that is. Here’s what it comes down to-a quick breakdown:

Kona Coast Nazarene will support 1/3 of our living expenses for the first 3 years of our 5 year commitment.

Tony will find a part time job which will be 1/3 of what we need to live on.

We will need to raise the remaining 1/3 of our first year’s living expenses and hope to do so before we leave in February.

BUT we hope to raise beyond our goal of 1/3 so that Tony can intentionally search for employment that will “get in” to the community rather than a job that just makes ends meet.

What Will You Do There?

This is one of our FAQs: “So what will you DO in Hawaii?”

It reminds me of that question that stay-at-home moms are asked by well-meaning people “What do you DO all day?”  My answer, concerning our new life in Hawaii is: Many of the same things YOU do and perhaps a few things that differ from person to person. Laundry, playdates, grocery shop, cook, clean, get together with friends, go to church, go to Mops, teach Bradley class, go to La Leche League…the list goes on. Most things remain the same, no matter where we live. (Throw a few beach trips or hiking adventures in there of course.) The biggest difference may be simply in one’s perspective. God has called us to a specific place to do a specific work…to Waimea to build His kingdom with Mission:Kona Coast. We believe God called us to Clifton in 2009. Were we doing kingdom work here? Absolutely. But now we are pulling up our tent stakes to follow the Holy Spirit to a new land. A place where we will rent a home, buy groceries at Costco, attend church, enjoy meals with friends, and live in a community. We will live with a missional mindset and intentionally build relationships with people in Waimea Town. We plan to do what families do in Waimea…hike, attend the Sunday rodeo, take the girls to dance class, get involved in community theater or join a running club. But in everything we do, we hope to “invite people to the heart of God.” It now reads next to our names “Missionary Pastors” but we were missionaries before KCN hired us. And YOU, as a believer and as Christ’s disciple are also a missionary of His gospel. So the answer to “What will you DO in Hawaii?” is really whatever God asks us to do when we wake up every morning. And I say what a way to live!