Three C's - Waikoloa

Some churches emphasize Sunday service and others small groups as primary “points-of-entry” into the faith community.  KCN will not prioritize one “social space” more than any other, but instead, will emphasize that the Good News is experienced in private, social and public space. Please see below how we are organizing our ministry in Waimea to impact the Kingdom of God on the Kona Coast. Visit us here again soon to find specifics on our progress, or visit Kailua-Kona to see our progress.  


In a time of negativity and despair, the non-believers in this dark world need glimmers of hope more than anything else—promise and proof that life can change.  KCN will offer this hope by telling a different story than the story the world tells. Our story is a story of life, not death, fullness, not emptiness.  At Church Celebrations the Good News of grace, victories over darkness, testimonies of faithfulness, and the possibilities of new life are celebrated. 

Church Celebrations are the largest of our gatherings and are the primary setting for communal worship.  We invite you to be in prayer for our Celebrations currently being planned for Waimea.  Go here to visit our Kailua-Kona Celebration. 


KCN will assure it’s local impact for the Kingdom by organizing into Missional Communities.  These  are communities-on-a-mission--literally on God's kingdom mission.  Missional Communities gather for the purpose of discerning God’s specific mission in a particular community.  Each Community offers the hospitality of a large family (ex. 10-50 people) but is predominantly characterized by its singular mission in the community. 

Missional Communities  are essential to KCN being faithful, as they are the "hands and feet" of our church in the local community.  Large enough to make an impact on a neighborhood yet small enough to foster genuine fellowship with the whole group, Missional Communities are a perfect setting to plug in and make a difference. We invite you to be in prayer for our Communities being planned in Waimea.  



Discipleship Clutches are the smallest gathering of KCN (3-10 people), designed specifically to prepare disciples for kingdom advancement.  KCN has its own discipleship curriculum, created with the Kona Coast specifically in mind, which has a double focus: 1) Growth in the Spirit in the company and accountability of trustworthy fellow-disciples, and 2) the multiplication of more disciples, which is the extension of ones own faithfulness. 

To participate in a Discipleship Clutch for a year is the single best way to prepare to be a discipler to the next generation of Christ-followers. Please be in prayer for our Discipleship Clutches along the Kona Coast, especially those being planned for Waimea.